‘’Who has never had the challenge to find THE best renovation services company which can meet our needs? And had problems like give up the site, over costs, delays & botched work...''


As property investor, the entrepreneur Nicolas Reboux has decided to reduce these risks thanks to the Web platform WEREF in Montreal through the company IMMOBILISONS-NOUS Inc.

More than 12 billion CAD $ are spent in renovation each year in Quebec (Canada) for example. Imagine in other provinces/countries!


- Most of renovation companies are already in the platform, but we can add new ones. Comments&ratings are/will be done by real clients.

- For real estate owners, we can find companies, with real reviews and ratings of real "customers".

Signup & access to information are free. Weref does not get any money from the renovation costs.

- For renovation companies, this will help them to develop their business with better visibility on the Web.

Subscription fee, depending of the needed services (logo, landing page, images/video, SEO, reports, access to market place)

- Finally, for the partners (banks, insurance, architects, notaries, lawyers, equipment rentals/purchases...). This will help to realize projects from the beginning to the end.

Fixed fee (logo, landing page, special offers, images/video)

Weref is also dedicated in new technologies (home automation), ecological solutions and standards (Leed & Well).

This is the 1st Beta version of WeRef.